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Our Mission:


Essential Purpose Planning for the Future: Social-Emotional Learning Development, Marriage/Family therapy, Job preparation/assistance and career counseling, Educational counseling and post-secondary exploration, Financial wellness workshops, Ghost writing services, Authorship guidance and assistance, and Motivational coaching for youth & adults.


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The Deliverance Center specializes in Purpose Consultation. All work is steeped in the concept of connection with the creator and ones inner self as a guide to seeking and determining purpose. This is the initial step to begin life mapping. At The Deliverance Center, individuals will engage in self exploration including academic, talent/skills, learning style, spirituality (if applicable) and interest  inventories to ascertain which of the four pathways to pursue for life fulfillment. Once clients discover their purpose, a The Deliverance Center Consultant will match the levels from the surveys to either college, technical college, military or direct career pathway and co-create a purpose plan for the client. The purpose plan will include required steps of action, deadlines, and evaluation methods to ensure completion. The plan will also encompass a life map which gives direction and focus to the plan. Additional services are available such as real estate referral,  employment training and assistance, ghost writing services for those interested in becoming authors but need assistance, investment workshops for retirement, college and large purchase assistance, and financial literacy. The Deliverance Center believes that purpose directed living is the key to success, happiness, and restored community.




Our Mission

The Deliverance Center was formed to address the despondent state of youth and young adults. Far too often people obtain jobs to survive rather than strive for careers that complete them. Each individual was born for a purpose and a fulfilled life is everyone's birthright. If we explore this world for what we were born to be, we will live happier more productive existences. This corporation is dedicated in directing the exploration of purpose and engaging each person in the pursuit or purpose fulfillment. The progression of our world is dependent upon every soul finding, pursuing, and walking in their purpose, on purpose.



Products are service oriented and geared towards the needs of the client. There can be substitutions in the packages or a la carte services. Service prices are quoted based on services. Sliding scale payments available based on income documentation... Documentation is needed to obtain quote and payment options.

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Retirement/College Investing & Financial Literacy

Workshop showcases various strategies to assist in money saving options for retirement and college. Discussion includes IRA's, money market, and annuities. It will also explore 529 Savings plan and prepaid college funds. Lastly, there will be tips on credit preservation, banking, and other financial techniques. 


College/Technical College Exploration

This college and career workshop will discuss the differences in college and technical college, how to make the choice of which institution to attend, advantages & disadvantages of the schools and how to finance the choice. There will be FAFSA assistance, defining of various types of aide and the importance of aide choice to ensure your future financial state is kept secure.


Career Search & Preparation

  • Resume' type determination & writing

  • Cover letter creation

  • Career exploration

  • Mock interview

  • Electronic portfolio

  • Ghost writing... author assistance (separate package)

The characters of The Adventures of Sherrie & Chubbie 2 Tolerance: Cierra, Dr. Sherrie, Lonny, Jade (Aayanah), Latrell, Lil' Sherrie (Jayla), and family friend Mya.

The characters of The Adventures of Sherrie & Chubbie 2 Tolerance: Cierra, Dr. Sherrie, Lonny, Jade (Aayanah), Latrell, Lil' Sherrie (Jayla), and family friend Mya.

Relational Family & Family Therapy

Relational Therapy is a much needed part of our lives. As there are relationships in every aspect of life, learing to manage our relationships cause happier more productive existences. This service is offered as individual, marriage/significant other partnership, and group models. This solution-focus based program is the answer to building hope that will be a catalyst for community rebuilding/restoration.

Authorship Academy & options

Writing is a therapeutic technique that allows people to share their thoughts, emotions, and life. In the workshops created by Poitier Wordsmith Academy, children and youth will awaken the inner soul and be insired to share their heart through various genres of writing. The culmination of these workshops will be publishing their first book and having that book available for sale in the Miami Book Fair.

Author:  Dr. Sherrie Poitier-Liscombe

Author:  Dr. Sherrie Poitier-Liscombe